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Message from the Representative Director

The future state of the broadcasting industry that was predicted for change has finally been realised in recent years. Not only the commercialization of home video camera equipment, but also the popularization of live broadcasting through social media platforms is ubiquitous now. This has challenged the industry by making high standards of broadcasting no longer limited to professionals with special equipment and techniques.

This trend will expand the range of broadcasting in the future, so TV broadcasting networks at the top of the industry must evolve to compete with these trends. With this in mind, however, there is still an essential requirement in the market for independent companies like Express for whom a considerable body of work is specifically and in many cases exclusively requested.

Express aims to become a truly flexible company to accommodate a client's needs by maximizing our ability to create a variety of video production that we have established for over 20 years in the areas including program production, news reporting technology, live broadcast of sports and concerts, commercial production, program licensing, movie production, publishing, internet distribution, application development, hydroponics, etc.

Representative Director Kohei Otomi

Company Overview

Corporate Name
Express Co., Ltd.
6-3-16 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047, Japan
September 1, 1961
400,000,000 Yen
Number of EXPRESS employees: 342 (as of March 2021)
Number of employees of the EXPRESS Group: 506 (as of March 2021)
Main Banks
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Officers and Directors
Chairman & Representative Director Kunimasa Otomi
Representative Director Kohei Otomi
Managing Executive Officer Kenzo Tamura
Managing Executive Officer Dai Kitagami
Managing Executive Officer Masashi Otomi
Managing Executive Officer Kanji Kato
Managing Executive Officer Atsushi Yamamoto
Auditor Hirozo Yamoto
Main Customers:
Broadcasting stations :
NHK, NHK group companies,Nippon Television Network Corporation, TokyoBroadcasting System Television, TV Asahi
Corporation, Fuji Television Network, Mainichi Broadcasting System,Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, Kansai Telecasting Corporation, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, SUN-TV, Nara Television, Kyoto Broadcasting System, Tokai Television Broadcasting, Aichi Television Broadcasting, Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting, Chukyo TV Broadcasting, SKY Perfect Broadcasting Corporation, J SPORTS Corporation, Space Shower Networks,Jupiter Shop Channe, etc.

Advertising companies:
Dentsu, Asatsu-DK, Daiko, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, West Japan Marketing Communications, etc.

DAZN,Softbank, Mobilityland Corporation, Orix Buffaloes, Rakuten Baseball, WAKASA SEIKATSU Corporation,
Kyoeisha, etc.


Utilizing our 4K technology, we can offer clients a full broadcasting and recording facility for any production requirement.

  • Sports TV broadcasting

    Capturing the essence of drama and passion in sport through reliable technology.
    “Our technology to move forward with you”

  • Live music event broadcasting

    From small gigs to concert halls, we can cover and relay all the atmosphere and excitement of live performance with our dedicated crew.

  • Remote relay production

    Tokyo is fully equipped with a permanent remote relay sub "Avenir HUB" that can remotely relay broadcast-quality video and audio via IP transmission.

  • Program shooting / news shooting

    We are engaged in a wide range of shooting operations such as sports, news, wide show and other programs, live and event recording, coordinating within our team for the best results, and utilization of aerial drones.

  • Location Vehicles Service

    Supporting you with comfortable vehicles equipped with AC power supply, free WiFi, etc. for location, staff, performer movement, etc.



Many years of experience in the industry including TV production and film. Our skilled and professional team can help plan and realise any creative commercial project.

  • TV Programing Production

    Through our extensive knowledge and expertise we can create high-quality TV programs and video content that are full of creativity with contemporary production standards and imaginative planning power.

  • TV Commercials Production

    Our company is active in such genres as commercials, corporate promotion videos, and WEB movies.

  • Filmmaking

    Since 2001, we have been involved in the investment and planning production of theatrical films and theater distribution.

  • WEB Video Production / Internet Distribution

    Based on the experience and achievements cultivated in TV program production, we support a wide variety of video production from live-action to animation and CG production.
    We have built a good reputation in live internet distribution.



We provide dispatch services and business contract services for professional technical staff and video production specialists.

  • Video technology staff dispatch

    Excite and change the world with the power of images!
    Our technical staff are constantly pushing the envelope with new visual expressions born from abundant experience and solid technical capabilities.

  • Video editing staff dispatch

    It's up to editing to make the most of the video! We will connect ideas from industry standard to cutting edge new perspectives.

  • Video production staff dispatch

    Our production staff have a sensibility to capture and deliver the 'moment' under any set of circumstances.



We operate a specialized channel that supplies programs to satellite broadcasting and CATV.
In addition to purchasing and selling TV programs and video content in Japan and overseas, we also distribute web content.

  • Operation of satellite broadcasting programs

    We operate a "TETSUDO channel" specializing in railway information. The lineup includes programs for full-scale railway enthusiasts and travel programs that can be enjoyed by light railway fans.

  • Sale of TV programs and digital contents

    Our portfolio ranges from in-house productions to third party content holders, with domestic TV stations and CATV stations being the typical market.
    We also sell distribution rights to broadband operators.



  • EXPRESS OB VAN 808 for 4K

    EXPRESS OB VAN 808 for 4K

  • 701 4K OB TRUCK

    701 4K OB TRUCK

  • 801 OB TRUCK

    801 OB TRUCK

  • 805 OB TRUCK

    805 OB TRUCK

  • 802 OB TRUCK

    802 OB TRUCK

  • 101 OB TRUCK

    101 OB TRUCK




    Cameras HDC-4300 HDC-1100 HDC-1600
    Lenses UA-107 XA-101 XA-88
    UA-24 UA-13 HJ-22
    HA-26 HA-42
    Large Lens Adaptor HDLA-1500 HDLA-1505
    Camera Control Unit HDCU-2000 HDCU-2500 BPU-4000
    HDCU-1000 HDCU-1500
    Live production server LSM-XT4K LSM-XT3


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privacy policy

1. Purpose
Express Co., Ltd. is consistently engaged in TV program production business, video technology production business, program supply business, net content production business, general charter passenger car transportation business, etc. As a person involved in the communication field through these various media, when handling personal information in business, all officers and employees fully understand and recognize the necessity and importance of protection, and gain the trust of society. We will respond. On the other hand, the Personal Information Protection Law carries the risk of impairing the "right of the people to know" and "freedom of expression" guaranteed by the Constitution, so the obligation provisions do not apply to the field of "reporting and writing". We request that we take measures to voluntarily ensure the proper handling of personal information while respecting the basic spirit of the law. Therefore, in the field of news and writing, we will protect the "freedom of the press" and "freedom of expression" in order to respond to the people's right to know, while considering the need to protect personal information derived from the personality rights of individuals. We will endeavor to properly operate personal information and implement a compliance program regarding the protection of personal information based on the following protection policy.

2. Protection management system / legal compliance
We will comply with laws and other norms (guidelines, etc.) regarding the protection of personal information. In addition, we will establish a personal information protection system by establishing necessary rules with the person in charge of management, and strive to educate and train all employees.

3. Acquisition and use of personal information
We will clarify the purpose of use of personal information of customers and employees, acquire it by appropriate means, and strive to keep it accurate and up-to-date. In addition, we will not use personal information or provide it to a third party beyond the scope of the purpose for which we have obtained the consent of the customer.

4. Countermeasures against unauthorized access
We will take reasonable safety measures to prevent and correct unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage. In addition, we will supervise the contractors of the business that handles personal information to maintain confidentiality and safety by establishing and selecting appropriate criteria.

5. Ensuring safety when entrusting information
When we outsource the processing of personal information, we will select the outsourcer in accordance with our rules and carry out appropriate supervision.

6. Disclosure of personal information, etc.
We will promptly implement any request for disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure.

7. Inquiries about personal information
We will respond promptly and sincerely to various requests and complaints from customers regarding personal information by establishing a contact point and procedures. If you have any inquiries regarding your own personal information or general privacy policy, please contact us.

8. Response when a problem occurs
In the unlikely event of an accident such as a leak, we will promptly notify the relevant people and announce the facts and measures to prevent recurrence.

9. Continuous improvement
Our personal information protection system responds to changes in the implementation status of safety management, system technology, social trends, etc., and strives to improve by continuously reviewing the compliance program.

Formulation date April 1, 2005
Last revised date October 1, 2018
Revision date March 1, 2019

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Person in charge: Personal Information Protection Management Secretariat Satoshi Oguni
Phone: 06-6315-3179

Express Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kohei Otomi