The advent of "EX-FOUR" - Full 4K specification on board.

Full 4K system to realize the image with a direct feeling of lively motion and create a dazzling excitement.
EX-FOUR also accommodates the conventional high-definition production. It is possible to make a seamless change to the system according to a request from a customer.


Full 4K production and relay system configuration

4K relay broadcasting is possible with the same system setup time as that of conventional 2K relay broadcasting. 4K signal are built by 2SI (2 Sample Interleave)  and Level A. EMG SW is equipped in the router and the external DSK which accommodates 4K broadcasting is loaded to make sure the backup system when an unexpected situation should happen such as failure.

Broadened production space
( The production space is laid out sideways and widened towards the sidewalk side of SUB console.)

The production space is located sideway to the direction of travel to secure the sufficient operation and direction environment.
There are one 30 inch 4K OEL monitor (SONY BVM-X300) as a main monitor, three 55 inch LCD COLOR TVs (4K BRAVIA) and 4 25 inch OEL monitors that can be freely laid out with the multi-viewer.
(Broadened width 3400mm x widening 1000mm)

Operation environment

20 CCU plus BPU4000 (baseband processor unit) can be rack-mounted.
The system can be set up for 2K relay broadcasting so that the conventional HD relay broadcasting is possible.
The operation space is secured for one chief VE and 5 VE operators in order to ensure multiple camera operation.

RIEDEL's MediorNet Compact pro,
the optical signal transport

With the dedicated optical fiber cable, MediorNet, the signal transmission mainframe for long distance is introduced to provide the wide range of operation, such as 16 lines for video image (Tx:Rx 12:4), audio signals, transmission to intercoms, etc.

the new Isuzu chassis

Total length 10200mm / Total width 2495mm / Total height 3600mm
No generator is loaded in order to secure the space for the onboard equipments and production environment.
Being flexible for the diversity of equipments to be loaded, VE room secures UTL space that enables easy setting of equipments.





40 INPUT/12 OUTPUT for 4K operation (160 INPUT/48 OUTPUT at maximum for 2K operation) Multi-ME supported.
2 built-in muti viewers (to be supported with SONY UPDATE.)
  4K Format  2SI 59.94P
(4K 23.98Psf, 29.97Psf and SQD(Square Division) will be supported with SW UPDATE)
2K Format  59.94i, 29.97PsF, 23.98PsF
SW Panel SONY 3ME control panel( 36buttons )
1ME demountable control pannel (20 buttons)
Video router For.A MFR-8000 (256×256) System main router
MFR-5000 (128×128) Router for monitor environment
EMG panel is equipped to be selected when an unexpected situation occurs to SW. (36 buttons)
4K U/C D/C ASACA DUX-106(U/C) 2SI ⇔ SQD Level A ⇔ Level B conversion supported.
DUX-105(D/C) ITU-R.709 ⇔ BT.2020 color space conversion supported.
room monitor
KJ-55X9300D×3( BRAVIA )
VE room
For.A MV-42HS×5( multi viewer for VE material monitoring)
CCU   To be loaded depending on 2K or 4K production.
20 CCUs can be equipped at maximum. Up to 20CAMs can be rack-mounted via BPU-4000 connection for 4K operation.
SG Leader
LT4446×1 (changeover)
VTR   To be loaded depending on 2K or 4K production.
FS For.A 2 FA-505
External 4K signals in dual systems is supported for 4K production.
Audio router SONY IXS-6700
RIEDEL ARTIST64 6 RCP-1112 demountable panels, PMX-2004 (Optical extension unit connectable to RCP in 4 systems.)
            2 DCP-1116
Optical transport RIEDEL MediorNet Compact pro 16 SDI lines in total(12 lines for Tx and 4 lines for Rx OR 4 lines for Tx and 12 lines for Rx)
Chassis Isuzu QPG-CXY77BJ-SX-M Capacity for 2 persons Bodywork: Keisei Mortors
Total length 10200mm / Total width 2495mm / Total height 3600mm



Tokyo Division

Live Production Promotion Department
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Shinkiba Office

Tokyo Engineering Department
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Osaka Head Office

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Senri Office

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Located in Com Art Hill

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